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We’re honored that you’ve chosen to work with us. It’s our utmost priority to ensure you have an excellent experience with our services and team members from day one.

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We’ve compiled a packet of resources as one bpo company in Florida to provide a structure and a clear path for success. Our Expertise as a Business Process Outsourcing company includes a vast range of industries such as Credit Bureaus, Retailers, Order Fulfillment, and Logistics. Working with a fully dedicated team is just like an extension of your company.

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We deliver compelling outsourcing services, creating value for shareholders, clients and team members, while maintaining a broad commitment to the environment and society.

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We’re honored that you’ve chosen to work with us. It’s our utmost priority to ensure you have an excellent experience with our services and team members from day one.

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Our workflow is determined by Four Simple Steps

How it Works

Onboarding & Sourcing

You are assigned an onboarding person who will help build your team using a detailed project management approach from road mapping to operations check point and launch. Our recruiting team combines sourcing and headhunting to interview, test and ultimately curate a custom team, tailor fit to your business.


Our training team will help to facilitate and build training documentation with you, and set a plan for certification with your team members.

Growth & Improvement

Our Senior Talent will ensure that ALPHA is meting your business expectations. As well as project manage your work while promoting team improvement. To finally Level up production, increase efficiency and profitability


Once training certification is complete; your team members are 100% dedicated to you. They are assigned a supervisor to help ensure work is being done correctly. We begin to measure against KPIs and goals.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

At Alpha BPO we are passionate about delivering service excellence and great customer experience by creating innovative solutions.

How long has your company been operating?

ALPHA BPO began providing outsourcing services in 2019. However, we were delivering outstanding services in telecom, customer service and trucking for the past 15 years.

What are the available coverage schedules?

We provide variable work schedules reflecting the requirements of our clients. These include normal business hours, weekends, and 24/7.

Where is Alpha bpo located?

Our nearshore call center is located in Managua, Nicaragua, Central America, approximately 2.5 hours by air from the US. Our US financial partner is located in Miami, Florida.

What type of projects fees are available?

We are flexible and will customize our pricing for you depending upon the type of services, scope and duration of the project. We can offer fees per hour, per minute, per order as well as completely performance based. Normally telecommunication charges are included in our fees.

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