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Bilingual Customer Support Services

Resolve customer issues effectively and show them all your company has to offer.

Customer Service isn’t just a chance to resolve customers’ queries or issues quickly and efficiently – it’s a great opportunity to let them discover, explore, and experience all your products and services. Our contact center solutions empower agents with data-driven analytics and customer insights that make engagements truly personal and totally powerful. We have truly dedicated agents to provide premium level of service to your customers.

Our experience includes managing projects for credit bureaus, retailers, order taking and logistics. We guarantee a custom recruited Customer Support team, 100% dedicated to your business so that our agents become an extension of your team.

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Our main guidelines

Commitment to Clients

We put our clients’ needs at the center of everything we do.

Trust and Respect

We work together to create a culture that builds trust and respect.

Achievement & Contribution

We strive for excellence. Each person’s contribution is essential if success is to be achieved.

Success through collaboration

We collaborate efficiently to provide an outstanding service that provides both our internal and external clients with exceptional experiences.

Flexibility & Speed

We have the resources and capability to deploy custom solutions and respond quickly to our clients’ requirements.

Inspiration & innovation

We are creative in the implementation of processes that inspire and improve the total customer experience.


We are open, honest and transparent in all our relationships.

Alpha BPO

We are the most popular call center

Although the Internet and smartphones have emerged as new and popular communication channels for providing customer service, live agent access via telephone is still among the most preferred channels for people that seek assistance.

We Work In Six Simple Steps:

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Get Your Service

Get in touch with one of our agents and get a free quote on the type of service you are interested in.

Meet Your Customer Demands

Our agents are your team. We take care of your customers and prospects with a white glove.