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Back Office Services

Bringing people, strategy, and technology together to drive backend efficiency and improve business performance. Streamlined back office operations sustain customer happiness and business growth. At Alpha BPO, we build process frameworks from scratch to help improve both customer experiences and digital experiences.

Virtual Assistants (VAS)

VAs are generalists who can wear many hats at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a low-level job. A great VA, or Executive Virtual Assistant (EVA), has to be sharp, and a mid to high-level person. A good VA is hard to find because it is not a repetitive job. It takes an intelligent person with the ability to work with no clearly defined processes or playbook. For many VAs, no two days are the same.

Data Entry Specialists

One of the very first things to be outsourced more than 25 years ago was Data Entry, which is the act of transcribing written documents into digital data, or of transcribing one type of digital data into another. It’s been said that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Your data must be accurately and efficiently processed by Data Entry Specialists with great attention-to-detail.

Book keepers

Our outsourced accounting and bookkeeping professionals do a wide range of tasks including maintaining a company’s financial reports, keeping accounting records, generating invoices, tracking accounts receivable, generating accounts receivable reports, tracking accounts payable services, trial balances, and generating profit and loss (P&L) statements.

Chat & Email Services

Our agents go through extensive training so they are experts in answering your customer’s questions.

Every customer interaction is a chance to build value and recognition for your brand. Chat and email communications are no exception. World Connection combines the convenience of chat and email technology with its personable and professional problem solvers, reinforcing your brand loyalty real time.

We partner with you to improve response times and meet your business goals while ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction for technical and help desk support, order fulfillment, problem resolution, transactions, user verification and much more.

Chat and Email support provides a convenient way for customers to directly address their product related concerns. Our World Connection staff consists of highly educated and trained team members that cater to your business matters and offer quick professional support while still maintaining your company’s quality.

We partner with you to achieve your business email and chat management goals with enhanced quality and improved response times.

Our Chat and Email support covers technical support, help desk support, order fulfillment, problem resolution, transaction, verification and many more services that are tailored specific to each client.

Areas we specialize in:

Alpha BPO

Our main guidelines

Commitment to Clients

We put our clients’ needs at the center of everything we do.

Trust and Respect

We work together to create a culture that builds trust and respect.

Achievement & Contribution

We strive for excellence. Each person’s contribution is essential if success is to be achieved.

Success through collaboration

We collaborate efficiently to provide an outstanding service that provides both our internal and external clients with exceptional experiences.

Flexibility & Speed

We have the resources and capability to deploy custom solutions and respond quickly to our clients’ requirements.

Inspiration & innovation

We are creative in the implementation of processes that inspire and improve the total customer experience.


We are open, honest and transparent in all our relationships.

Alpha BPO

We are the most popular call center

Although the Internet and smartphones have emerged as new and popular communication channels for providing customer service, live agent access via telephone is still among the most preferred channels for people that seek assistance.

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